„iSECRET – Implementation of Software Engineering Competence Remote Evaluation for Master Program Graduates“



Project No: 2015-1-LV01-KA203-013439

Project implementation time: 01.09.2015 – 31.08.2017

The Project is financed by EU programme ERASMUS+, Key Action 2:  Strategic Partnerships.



Leading organization:

Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI, Latvia, Prof. Boriss Mišnevs).

Partner organizations:

  1. University of Plovdiv (UP, Bulgaria, Prof. Nevena Mileva);
  2. Kauno technologijos universitetas(KTU, Lithuania, Prof. Vacius Jusas);
  3. Universidad de Murcia (UMU, Spain, Assoc. prof. D. Jose Luis Fernandez Aleman);
  4. Technologiko Ekpedeftiko Idryma Ipirou(TEIEP, Greece, Prof. Chrysostomos Stylios);
  5. Wyzsza Szkola Gospodarki w Bydgoszczy(WSG, Poland, Mr. Lukasz Jasinski).

The partnership was created thanks to the ERASMUS+ cooperation and International Software Engineering/ Software Technology Master Program accreditation activities during the last 5 years. The consortium successively welcomed institutions that collaborated with TSI in previous European and regional projects.

  1. Project Partners already have long time cooperation in education and research area.
  2. All project Partners successfully run their own Master Programs in SE&ST for years.
  3. All project partners have successful previous EU project experience.
  4. Partners’ cooperation will be empowered by identifying and implementing qualitative Project management, evaluation and monitoring principles and activities, as well as a communication approach including transnational meetings.

ISECRET project aims to foster interchange and cooperation between education and training systems within the EU. The project will reinforce and accelerate the process of innovation in HE by enhancing the universities’ capabilities by granting better access to the educational know-how as OER, setting an effective experimental framework for defining and measurement Educational Outcome for the selected Master Programmes in SE&ST at European and Baltic regional level.

Expected results of the projects are the following: creation of operational prototype of Internet Portal (SECEIP) for SE&ST Master Program’s graduates competence evaluation and certification; design of the Basic ECTS oriented Framework applicable for Joint Master Programs in SE&ST implementation and assessment; demo example of SE&ST Master Program’s Education Outcome (competence) definition in terms of e-CF freely accessible for European educational community as OER.

Currently, the partners of project already agreed on the subjects that will be included into software engineering master program. The subjects are divided into two groups: major subjects and specialization subjects. Every participating institution presented two major subjects and two specialization subjects.

Major subjects:

  1. Software Security Engineering (KTU)
  2. Mining Methods of Big Data (KTU)
  3. Software Quality and Testing (UMU)
  4. User Interfaces (Usability Evaluation and Design) (UMU)
  5. Advanced Topics in Software Technology (UP)
  6. Object-Oriented Design and Programming (UP)
  7. Advanced artificial intelligence (TEII)
  8. Advanced Computer Engineering (TEII)
  9. Scientific Research Methodology (TTI)
  10. Research in Transportation and Logistics (TTI)
  11. Advanced Computer Networks (WSG)
  12. Advanced Database Systems (WSG)

Specialization subjects:

  1. Combinatorial Optimization (KTU)
  2. Multimedia Methods for Mobile Devices (KTU)
  3. Requirements Engineering (UMU)
  4. Advanced Software Project Management (UMU)
  5. Advanced Programming (UP)
  6. Advanced Topics in Algorithms and Data Structures (UP)
  7. Geographic Information Systems (TEII)
  8. Decision Support Systems (TEII)
  9. Simulation Modelling in Transport and Logistics (TTI)
  10. Transport and Logistics Information Systems (TTI)
  11. Robots Programming (WSG)
  12. Embedded Systems (WSG)

Up to the present moment, among the other types of dissemination activities, YouTube iSECRET Channel was also created and first part of video clip was published – see https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNO68I5CpZ1iMamaMYn9j7w